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Highways and Hedges

Community Outreach

March For Hope:
Restoring Communities Through Action

There are communities in our nation that are afflicted by high crime rates, drug trafficking ,and a variety of other issues. Highways and Hedges Organization serves the community by traveling to troubled areas of society to assist individuals who have been harmed by poor life choices and want to make a difference in their lives. The purpose of organizing hope marches is to teach people how to overcome common societal difficulties.

Community Transformation

In communities burdened by high crime rates, drug trafficking, and societal challenges, Highways and Hedges Organization is a beacon of hope

Uniting Communities

Through these marches, we bridge divides and build connections among individuals from various backgrounds, showing that transformation is possible when we stand united against adversity.

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Prison Ministry:
Illuminating Paths of Redemption

Incarcerated men and women are individuals who also desire the truth about God. Many have faced a difficult road, one that has left them feeling hopeless. Without the aid to heal the pain behind their choices, many will remain trapped in a destructive cycle. Highways and Hedges brings hope to prisoners, that their life can be changed through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our organization stays connected to the men and women in prison by walking alongside their path to restoration and renewal.

Old Begging Woman

Homeless Shelter Ministry: Cultivating Transformation Amidst Challenges

Our assistance to homeless shelters is to help people who have faced unanticipated life challenges. We share the gospel of Jesus Christ and cultivate healthy connections with individuals who want to overcome their life challenges.

Nursing Home Ministry:
Honoring Wisdom, Sharing Hope

Highways and hedges Organization gives hope to our community's seniors by holding church services inside nursing homes. We convey the message of Jesus Christ and cultivate meaningful connections with individuals who are most in need of companionship.

Caregiver with Patient

"And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled."

- Luke 14:23

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